Residential & Commercial Flooring

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Have you seen your floors lately? Their golden age has passed, and it’s about time for an upgrade. All Builders & Design Group, Inc. of Gold Hill, Oregon can install new flooring in your commercial or residential space. We can complete standard flooring jobs or make custom flooring installations, like tile work. 

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When it comes to replacing your floors, there are many options to choose from. 

You’ll find a list of the flooring types we install and their respective qualities below:

  • Hardwood – a classic, durable flooring option that can add warmth to any space
  • Tile – a heat- and water-resistant material that serves well in bathrooms and kitchens
  • Laminate – an easy-to-maintain, affordable flooring option
  • LVT – a cost-effective material that mimics natural materials

Consult with All Builders & Design Group about installing or replacing your floors.


Updated Flooring in Office Space